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Saturday, April 24, 2010


  • Use fan as first line of defense against summer heat. Ceiling fans, for instance, cost about 30 paisa an hour to operate - much less than air conditioners (Rs10 per hour).
  • Heat enters our house or building in the following ways. Through the Terrace 50 %, then come thro doors and windows 30 %, through the walls 15 % and etc. So please think of preventing the solar heat entering thro the terrace. This can be through cost effective non contact Asbestos sheets and many other ways exist to reduce. There are many ways to reduce heat ingress on your open terrace. Please do it first!
  • Check the air breeze from the fan is felt on the floor or at the walls and escaping out thro windows. Are we getting blast of air or gentle & smooth air breeze? If air is breezing thro us, it comforts us by evaporative cooling.
  •  If air is blasting on us say for whole night, we get up tired next day morning.  It is not good for health to sleep under continuous air blast from fan for long hours.
  • Use Step type switching (instead of knob type) Electronic fan Regulator and Save 30 % power. The old box type regulator only regulates the air breeze but the fan is consuming full power only.
  • Courtesy BEE, PCRA, EB, ET sources. Thanks for visiting the site
  • We get two types of ceiling fan in market. Heavy weight types and it consumes around 80 watts.  You lifted the fan head with two hands before, and now you can lift 2 fan heads with one hand. Branded light weight type and it consumes around 50 watts only. The performance is same. Changing the fan is next, but first you see how much more dust weight sits on your fan. Frequently. Once dust seen, clean it early.
  • Where you find ceiling fan making heavy engine sounds, it is better to look into its bearings. People are making the old fans efficient by changing the bush inside and put double side new ball bearings.
  • The common man distinguishes between the gliding friction and rolling friction. The rolling friction is lower than gliding friction. It is wake up call for industry to know their bearing friction is gliding or rolling and first give attention to the Drive end bearing of motor, as they first face the impact of power of motor say 20 hp motor at 1500 revolutions per minute rotation. After this only, comes the load consumption.
  •  The abnormal hot spots, sound etc indicate the inefficiency. Invariably, you find on all your old fan regulators, the white wall above the regulator had gone grey due to resistance type rheostat had failed already. This fan will sweep in one speed only! Whatever position you keep on regulator. Better to replace with Electronic type regulator.
  • Now Bureau of Energy Efficiency BEE in Standards and Labeling program has come with Star ratings for consumer appliances like tube light, fridge, ceiling fan, motor, Air conditioner, washing machine, TV, etc. The more the power savings in each machine the more the stars (star from 1 to 5 rating) now as consumer, we can buy efficient machine based on BEE star label rating fixed on the machine.

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