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Saturday, April 24, 2010

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Objective- Energy Education to Industry

 -To discuss with the industry " How to Comfort the Machines first so as to get more Delivery now and Sustain later" 
-To pinpoint to the industry  to view their their  Energy Consumption by method - Cause & Effect Matrix. To catalyze the industry to give thrust to some of the Focus areas, the Low Hanging Fruits.

About Us 
The site is started with the intention of imparting energy education to the industry with the concept of " Energy - Measure to Manage "

The founder is a BEE certified Energy Auditor, Energy Advisor and Energy Conservation Techniques Trainer, a Professional with 30 years of Industry Experience in Maintenance and Projects & Now in the Energy Management aspects 
Energy conservation is a habit (like charity) that begins at home
 Converge your minds to Conserve more at Home and in the Industry.
Teaming  more minds in the industry to save energy results in Actions i.e. Implementation of more Energy Conservation Measures.

A push of Energy conservation by way of  the Levering  the industry,  lifts Ton  Load of Benefits to the industry. 
Energy saving Measure to  industry 
You give little Push thro Energy Savings, down on one side of Lever as Fulcrum, you can lift up on the other side, Ton  Load of Benefits, by the Principle of Lever. 

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